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move, breathe, flow

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."


Yoga wellness classes in the work environment are providing benefits to many employees around the country.  The aim of these yoga sessions is to transform tension, fatigue and low motivation in the workplace into alertness, stamina and greater productivity. 

Enable your employees to develop physical and mental fitness.

For Businesses:

    •    Increased productivity and enhanced work performance.

    •    Reduced employee absences and sick leave.

    •    Higher job satisfaction amongst employees.

    •    Increased workplace morale.

    •    Become more attractive to potential employees seeking employment with your company


For Employees:

    •    Reduced stress, anxiety & depression.

    •    Increased energy and decreased fatigue.

    •    Improved memory, focus and concentration.

    •    Tones and strengthens muscles and increases flexibility.

    •    Improved posture.

    •    Improved overall health and reduced risk for diseases.

    •    Counteracts sitting in chair, RSI (repetitive strain injury) and relieving headaches, encourages release of tension in the body.


My experience of how best to share yoga in the workplace has been different in each organisation.  Some settings involve transforming a meeting room into a yoga space during a lunch hour and others have purpose built gymnasiums.  I provide all of the equipment needed for a class.  Some organisations have paid for the classes for their employee’s benefit as part of a wellness programme, others have provided the space within their premises and the participants pay me directly.

If you are considering introducing yoga to your employees, I can arrange some taster sessions to assess interest.  Please do contact me to discuss your individual needs and aspirations.


Yoga with Sam allows me to experience not only a healthy physical experience but an emotional supportive experience. The Practice that Sam leads is adventurous, exciting yet calm and nurturing at the same time. I come out of each session feeling positive and reawakened both physically and mentally.  Bernice Statton - Physiotherapist

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