"What you seek, is seeking you."


move, breathe, flow



Calcot Manor members 

I will be returning to Calcot Manor for regular private members classes on Tuesday 28th July 2020


Tuesday mornings 9.15 and 10.45am

Thursdays midday 

I will return to teaching Friday's 10.30am from September 11th



Open drop-in classes

Mondays - Didmarton Village Hall classes will resume 9.15 - 10.45am from September 7th

Thursdays - Doynton Village Hall classes will resume 9.30 - 11am from September 10th

Fridays - Nailsworth classes will resume 9 - 10am from September 11th

It's been wonderful to have kept our pracrtice alive during lockdown and been able to feel the support of one another in our yoga commuinty, allbeit through the ether.  I've loved seeing you online in the temporary temple spaces of your living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and gardens and having met your pets!  We have rolled out our mats and breathed and moved our way through this unprecidented time in history together.


And now as lockdown eases, I will be returning to my regular classes ensuring Covid guidelines are meet for your safety. I will be following the best practice guidelines set out by the British Wheel of Yoga.  Covid-19


British Wheel of Yoga @ https://www.bwy.org.uk/



Yoga is not a religion and you don’t have to be bendy to enjoy the benefits of a regular practice. A yoga class includes physical postures ( both static and flowing sequences), breathing exercises and meditative techniques, all designed to fit around the people attending – there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.  


We practice with bare feet on a sticky mat wearing clothes that are easy to move in.  We might also use props (blankets, straps, blocks, bricks, bolsters) to facilitate more ease.  All kit is provided in class.


A regular yoga practice can be an accessible path to awaken to the potential of your deepest self.  The yoga mat provides ‘you time’ and every practice is an opportunity to listen, feel, reflect, and to connect with your body and spirit.   As well as building strength, flexibility and balance in your body-mind you might just find yourself on the most wonderfully meaningful journey!


Over time, you will notice that the process that begins on the mat starts to ripple outward into your practice of life, influencing how you commune, live, love and express yourself in the world.


My teaching reflects my passion for exploring the many facets of the art and science of yoga.  The style I offer has grown from the fertile soil of 25 years of yoga and movement practice, mind-body enquiry, personal development and a tenacious curiosity for life.  I integrate elements from many approaches with a broad understanding of anatomy, a fascination with neuro-science and an ever evolving personal practice.   My aim is to support modern living, to keep your practice vibrant and to empower you on the mat to create more beauty, more joy, greater freedom and more vitality in your life.


The classes are based on traditional hatha yoga postures and philosophies and modified through contemporary scientific understanding of the body and mind to support our modern lives. By moving with the breath and encouraging intelligent alignment in the body we can facilitate ease, openness and stability.  Blend that with warm and genuinely compassionate teaching and a bit of dharma chat - there’s a recipe for reflection, re-invigoration and release. 

"My aim is that you leave class feeling much better than when you came in."