"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be."


move, breathe, flow


I'm a seeker of joy and inspiration and how to find contentment when the going gets tough – it’s an ongoing work in progress!  I'm a lifelong student, curious, determined and passionate.  With yoga colouring my life for over 20 years, I’m still finding new depths, challenges and lessons on my mat. 


A busy mother of 2 children, I honour my yoga practice deeply and respectfully …. It’s where I can explore my strength and vulnerability, joy and pain, frustration and patience, rage and compassion, drive and procrastination, where I can energise and relax.  With continuing devotion to the practice, a yearning for development and staying on the cutting edge of the discipline, I aim to share my discoveries with integrity, humility and warmth. 


Yoga permeates my life and I am so grateful for the influence of so many gifted teachers, my students and my family who all continue to inspire.


I am the lead yoga teacher working with Centre for Appearance Research - UWE Bristol exploring the impact of yoga practice on body image with a range of age groups and genders.  Our latest paper reported the positive impact of yoga intervention on body image with results lasting for over 3 months.  These results have inspired the creation of yoga for body image films (available here soon) and our latest research applies these findings in the development of a yoga intervention for women on their journey with breast cancer.


I am also:


  • Member of a professional team of healthcare and holistic practitioners comprising the faculty delivering the Integrated Medicine Diploma at The National Centre for Integrative Medicine.  NCIM is a centre of excellence for sustainable healthcare based in Clifton, Bristol, supporting the transformation of the health service in the UK.  The Diploma graduates are empowered to treat patients in a new, more holistic and collaborative way and become Fellows of the College of Medicine.


  • A contributing team member at the Empowered Self wellness series.  These day-long, Cotswolds-based workshops are curated to elicit self-reflection, transformation and action.   

  • In partnership with a psycho-sexual therapist, I am developing a safe space programme (due in 2019) for women to heal wounding around their sexuality through a number of psycho-therapeutic and somatic processes.

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