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move, breathe, flow


Friday 29th March 6 - 9pm

Doynton Village Hall, BS30 5SY

An afternoon of yoga, breath and inspiration

Arise from winter slumber…… Yawn, stretch, breath, smile and align with the blossoming energy of Spring - a powerful time to refresh commitment to your well-being and ignite your creative energy.  


The teachings of yoga remind us that we have tremendous power to be agents of change in our lives.  So what is it that you really want to create?  This workshop is an invitation to hold a conversation with all areas of yourself, to gain clarity around how you want to grow this season and to set some powerful intentions for the rest of the year.  


Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, ancient Yogic wisdom and modern science we will:

·        cleanse and open the body with flowing yoga asana,

·        balance the nervous system with breath,

·        connect with your deepest potential through Yoga Nidra

         relaxation, visualisation and sound   

·        Set the direction of your internal compass so that you can move forward towards your best self this year.


Leave feeling renewed,  centred and ready for the coming season. 

Investment: £30

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