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move, breathe, flow


Saturday 28th September​

6.30 - 10pm 

Yogasara, Picton Street, Bristol

A synergy of Yogasana, Mantra, Tantra & Movement Medicine Dance.


An invitation to embrace Autumn - a time for Harvest & "Letting go" and an opportunity for gratitude, transformation and surrender!

The word equinox is derived from Latin, meaning “equal night.” On each equinox, the sun shines directly on the equator and the length of day and night are said to be more or less the same. This balance of light & dark is an opportunity for us to refl­ect on our own ‘Light & Dark’.


We will create a sacred space together. A space where your body, heart & mind can explore how to let go & let more love in!



I really enjoyed the way you facilitated and guided us through the process ... I have started practicing!!

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