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move, breathe, flow

"Yoga, rather than a path leading to mastery, is an invitation to evoke mystery and channel a powerful, subtle, and ultimately unnameable energy that roams inside.”



7 week online enquiry into subtle body yoga

Tuesday evenings 10th November - 22nd December

6.45 - 8pm

An invitation to sink into yourself as we deepen into winter and navigate a second lockdown.  For

75 minutes together each Tuesday evening we will immerse in time-tested teachings and resources that can help us navigate the fray and

soothe our body-minds.

Create a cosy, welcoming, ceremonial space where you can practice – you won’t need a lot of room, just enough for you to be able to move on your mat and to avoid too many disturbances – you might come to rest in a corner of your living room, or alongside your bed for example. 

I will invite you to make this space comfortable with blankets, candles, fragrance ….. you might prepare a flask with a hot drink ready for post savasana. 

Bring a pen and paper for notes and journaling. 


Each session will include philosophy, asana, movement, breath, meditation, journaling, contemplation and reflection.



Book individual sessions each week @£8 by following this link


Book here and gift yourself the time to abide in your-self with movement, breath, nourishment, prayer and contemplation every Tuesday for next 6 weeks by purchasing full access for the entire course.  Recordings will be made available for 24 hours after each session just in case you cannot attend live.   The course started on November 10th - there are 6 weeks left.  (£48)

10th November 

Muladhara - Earth

17th November 

Svadhisthana – Water

24th November Manipura – Fire

3rd December 

Anahata – Air

8th December 

Vissudha – Sound

15th December

Ajna – Light

22nd December 

Sahasrara – Thought

roots, ground, safety, survival, steadiness

flow, creativity, desire, life force

will, power, transformation, action

heart, breath, love, relationship, prana

communication, expression, purification

visioning 2021, sowing seeds of intention


connection, divinity, community

lotus feet, legs, pelvic hammock, pada bandha

sacred sacrum, hips, pelvis, lower back, mula bandha

belly brain, psoas, kidneys, uddiyana bandha

chest, diaphragm parachute and upper back

throat, neck and shoulders, jalandhara bandha

head, atlas and axis, jaw

crown jewel, brain and its ocean, yoga nidra

Merry Xmas!

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