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move, breathe, flow



Dates and times - tbc

Venue - tbc

Embodied Yoga Flow Workshop


An invitation to dive deep into the sense of self through the sacred anatomy of the body. Combining ancient yogic wisdoms, contemporary science and playfulness we will surf our fascial web and flow towards greater presence and freedom. 

The practice is a dance with the self … an honouring of the precious gift of the body as the vehicle that carries us through this life, as a compass for navigating the path ahead and as an instrument for transformation. 


What is fasica?

Fascia is the biological fabric that holds us together … a network of connective tissue forming a 3-dimensional web of our body – from head to toe.  Fascia surrounds and penetrates every muscle fibre, bone, blood vessel, nerve, organ and cell in our body.  The fascia responds to chemicals and the forces put through it. 

Fascia is now being cited as the largest organ of the body.  Some claim that the fascial network explains the nadis – the energy channels described by ancient yogis, and it is contemplated that this connective tissue network may well be the infrastructure via which consciousness moves throughout the body!

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