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move, breathe, flow

"Yoga, rather than a path leading to mastery, is an invitation to evoke mystery and channel a powerful, subtle, and ultimately unnameable energy that roams inside.”



5 week online enquiry into the observances of the Yoga Sutra

Tuesday evenings 23rd February - 23rd March 2021

6.45 - 8pm

Bring your yoga practice off of the mat and into your life 

Join me for a 5-part exploration into the niyamas as outlined in the Yoga Sutra.  Every Tuesday evening for 5 weeks you will have the opportunity to reflect on the unique lessons these teachings provide and enquire into the subtle and not-so-subtle ways they play out in your life.

Each session will include philosophy, asana, movement, breath, meditation, journaling, contemplation and reflection.


We will examine how the practice of simplicity, contentment, discipline, introspection and devotion might change the way you live your life.  You may find some new choices around thought, attitude and action that inspire, refine and transform your habits moving you toward your true self. 

Bring a pen and paper for notes and journaling. 

Note: This is not a theoretical course ... we will also be moving and practicing asana on our mats.



Statue of Indian Goddess


Book  the final 4 weeks of the  course here or

individual sessions each week @£8 by following this link

23rd February

2nd March

9th March

16th March

23rd March

Shaucha - purification, clarity, simplicity

Santosha - unconditional contentment

Tapas - discipline, enthusiasm

Svadhyaya - introspection, sacred study

Ishavara Pranidhana - devotion

11.40   saucha sva-anga jugupsa parai asamsarg

11.42    santosha anuttamah sukha labha

11.43    kaya indriya siddhi ashuddhi ksayat tapasah

11.44    svadhyayat istadevata samprayogah

11.45    samadhi siddhi ishvarapranidhanat

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