"Yoga, rather than a path leading to mastery, is an invitation to evoke mystery and channel a powerful, subtle, and ultimately unnameable energy that roams inside.”



5 week online enquiry into the restraints of the Yoga Sutra

Tuesday evenings 12th January - 9th February 2021

6.45 - 8pm

Bring your yoga practice off of the mat and into your life 

Join me for a 5-part exploration into the yamas as outlined in the Yoga Sutra.  Every Tuesday evening for 5 weeks you will have the opportunity to reflect on the unique lessons these teachings provide and enquire into the subtle and not-so-subtle ways they play out in your life.

Each session will include philosophy, asana, movement, breath, meditation, journaling, contemplation and reflection.


We will examine how the practice of compassion, honesty, abundance, restraint and non-grasping could change the way you live your life.  You may find some new chooses around thought, attitude and action that inspire, refine and transform your habits moving you toward your purest self. 

Bring a pen and paper for notes and journaling. 

Note: This is not a theoretical course ... we will also be moving and practicing asana on our mats.




Book individual sessions each week @£8 by following this link


Book here and commit to deepening your understanding of The Yoga Sutra through inquiry, movement, breath, community and contemplation every Tuesday for next 5 weeks by purchasing full access for the entire course.  Recordings will be made available for 3 days after each session just in case you cannot attend live.   


12th January 

19th January

26th January

2nd February

9th February

Ahimsa  - non-violence / compassion

Satya - truthfulness

Asteya - non stealing / abundance

Bramacharya - restraint 

Aparigraha - non-grasping

11.35    Ahimsa pratisthayam tat samnidhau vaira tyagah

11.36    Satya pratisthayam kriya phala asrayatvam

11.37    Asteya pratisthayam sarva ratna upasthanam

11.38    Brahmacarya Pratisthayam Virya Labhah

11.39    Aparigraha sthairye janmakathamta sambodhah

Yoga Child's Pose