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move, breathe, flow


Yoga and relaxation workshop​

Sunday 22nd December

Doynton Village Hall


An opportunity to slow down, turn inward and stoke your inner fire.   


During winter nature withdraws to pause and gather energy in preparation for her next cycle of exuberant and flourishing growth,  Modern life often overlooks nature’s cyclical wisdom, failing to understand that creativity and flourishing are deeply dependent on periods of quiet stillness.  We are taught to push on through even when we are exhausted, never stopping until something (usually in our body) stops us.


In this 3 hour workshop, I’ll share with you teaching from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Yoga and contemporary neuroscience in theory and practice.  We will explore how this season’s energy relates to you, your yoga, your life and your health – with some tips to help bring balance.  


We will practice deep, slow flowing yoga sequences, static postures and breathing techniques …. enjoy meditation, contemplation and leave feeling ready for the festive season.

Investment: £30

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